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Brigham Young University Management Society

BYUMS Gold Chapter of Excellence: Taiwan

Learn More BYUMS Gold Chapter of Excellence: Taiwan


Learn More 脫穎而出


Learn More 在全球培養具道德正義感的領袖

領導新風貌 首 度 來 台

Learn More 領導新風貌 首 度 來 台

Taiwan Chapter


BYUMS 是由一群擁有同樣倫理道德標準及商業和正義價值觀領導特質的商業專業人士所組成的世界性人脈網絡。


  • 更新和強化會員的職涯發展能力
  • 提供機會讓會員建立人脈網絡
  • 社區服務,敦親睦鄰
  • 支持Marriott商學院和楊百翰大學並共創未來



Welcome to the BYU Management Society! We are a worldwide network of business professionals with a shared vision of moral and ethical leadership and a common code of business conduct and integrity. Chapters worldwide focus on:

  • Developing careers – updating and enhancing skills
  • Networking – making connections between professionals
  • Serving the community – strengthening those around us
  • Supporting the Marriott School & BYU – building the future

Join your local chapter and discover the benefits that the Management Society holds for you. 

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